Help: group chat

Put a group chat on a web page

First, you need to make a group. You can automatically add it to your Facebook, Blogger or many other social networks, or manually paste the group HTML code into your own web site (somewhere that allows custom HTML code).

Moderation controls

As a group owner, you can delete messages by clicking on the delete button , and block people by clicking on the ban user button . If you do not see these buttons, click on Manage link at the bottom of your group.

Ban user button

Ban a user from chatting in your group - you can unban them using Settings > Unban users

Delete button

Delete this message, or all messages by this user.

Logged in

You must be logged in as the owner or a moderator to see these features.

Add Moderators

Moderators can ban users and delete messages. We suggest that you make at least one moderator for every 10 people online. To make new moderators you must be logged in as the owner and click Settings > Add/remove moderators.

Easy ban

If you are moderating a large group the easy ban mode allows you to ban a user and delete all their messages with one click. To turn on easy ban you must be the owner or a moderator, click Settings > Turn On Easyban.

Ban words, links and other content

Group owners can ban certain words from a chat. To set the banned words you must be logged in to the HTML 5 version of the chat as the group owner and click Settings > Banned content. Banned words will be replaced with a star.

Both banned words lists

Any word on these lists will be banned in a way that will make it hard for a user to get around the ban.
E.g. if the word "naughty" is on the list,
then the message: "nAughty nauggghty nau9hty n.aught.y"
will be shown as: "****"

Banned word parts

Use this list to ban words that you want to be banned even if they are part of another word.
E.g. ban the word part: "poop"
then the message: "poopy pants poop"
will be shown as "*y pants *"
Poop will be replaced by a star even if it is part of a larger word.

Banned whole words

The same as the banned words list except that it will not ban the word if it is part of a larger word.
E.g. ban the whole word: "ass"
then the message: "Ride the ass over the pass"
will be shown as "Ride the * over the pass".
The letters "ass" in "pass" will not be replaced by a star.

Ban other content

Use the checkboxes to ban links, videos, and images.

Others can't read my messages

You may have been banned by a moderator in that group chat.

Ask a moderator to unban you

Moderators can unban users by clicking Settings then choosing Unban users.
They can search for your ban by your user name or your IP address in the beta HTML 5 version.

Become a moderator

Moderators are not made by Chatango, they are made by the owner (creator) of each individual chat group. Please contact the owner to request becoming a moderator or about removing a moderator.

Edit a group chat

Change the title and owner's message

Log in to your group as the owner. Click Settings then choose Edit group.

Change the color and size of your group

If you need to get HTML code again to put your group on another web page, click on Chatango logo at the bottom of your group, and choose Get Code for this Group from the menu and then Customize colors and size.

I visit a site with a group chat that I do not want to read

Turn an embedded chat off

If you visit a web page with an embedded Chatango chat, but do not wish to see the chat on it, you can turn it off by clicking on the [x] at the top of the chat. This setting can be remembered for the subsequent visits to the site.

If you do not see [x] control, you need to log out from the chat first, by clicking on Log out link at the bottom right of the chat.

See the HTML 5 version of the chat

There is an beta HTML 5 version of the group chat which can be viewed on desktop, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Android devices. It contains some features that are not available in the Flash version of the chat.
To see the HTML 5 version of a group chat on a desktop, use the Chrome browser and go to a group chat page on and add /?js to the URL.

Delete a group chat

Log in as the owner of the group chat that you wish to delete.

Remove a group chat from a web page

If you have a group chat on your web page that you would like to remove, simply delete the code. You should be able to find the code on the page that lets you edit your web page. The code looks something like this:

<script id="sid0020000045900556443">(function() {function async_load(){"cid0020000045900556443";s.src='';"width:250px;height:350px;";s.async=true;s.text='{"handle":"examplegroup","arch":"js","styles":{"a":"CC0000","b":100,"c":"FFFFFF","d":"FFFFFF","k":"CC0000","l":"CC0000","m":"CC0000","n":"FFFFFF","q":"CC0000","r":100}}';var ss = document.getElementsByTagName('script');for (var i=0, l=ss.length; i < l; i++){if (ss[i].id=='sid0020000045900556443'){ss[i].id +='_';ss[i].parentNode.insertBefore(s, ss[i]);break;}}}var s=document.createElement('script');if (s.async==undefined){if (window.addEventListener) {addEventListener('load',async_load,false);}else if (window.attachEvent) {attachEvent('onload',async_load);}}else {async_load();}})();</script>